Choosing The Best Domain Call For Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Blogging, though simple in concept, is a vast, multi-layered field that needs as much help as it can get in order to achieve expansion. A blogger can be as consistent and effective in their posts as possible; however, if they’re not using the right tools to drive traffic to their page, virtually no one will be reading their content. Thankfully, there are some fantastic social media platforms at a blogger’s disposal, and each of them can do wonders in terms of driving clicks to their blog.


Facebook is the big one here, and for good reason. As of the last quarter of 2016, the platform has reached 1.86 billion monthly active users, and that number rises dramatically every day. Facebook’s sheer, baffling reach is uncomparable, and bloggers should take full advantage of it when looking to expand their audience. It’s advised that all bloggers establish a Fan page or Company page on Facebook, and promote their work from there. Although the amount of followers might be small at first, bloggers should be consistent with the posting on their Facebook page, sending out a post with a link and picture whenever they upload a new article. This, combined with other fundamental blogging practices, can work to catapult the blog into a considerably large audience. Ask any Denver SEO expert, and they’ll tell you that Facebook is the go-to platform for blog growth.


While Facebook is by far the largest social media platform, that’s certainly not to say that it’s the only viable one. Twitter, for instance, has over a billion consistent users, and all of them are potential visitors to the properly advertised blog. While its trademark 140-character Tweet limit demands a specific posting perspective, bloggers can take full advantage of the platform to get website the word out on their posts. Additionally, Twitter is such a busy, fleeting platform that bloggers are essentially at liberty to post all Tweets that come to mind, provided they’re relating to the niche and question and are formatted to help drive traffic to the blog.


While Instagram isn’t necessarily suited to all blogs, it is certainly there to help any blog niches with at least some visual element involved. Photogenic blogs have nothing to lose by establishing a company Instagram account and reaching out to followers on a consistent basis through imagery related to their content. Of course, for those looking to make their Instagram presence as attractive as possible, it’s important to take the time to provide the highest quality of images possible. After a few weeks of consistent posting, bloggers can find themselves in possession of a truly gorgeous Instagram profile. Potential visitors will notice this, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt their chances of landing on the blog.

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